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Alienware 17 R5 - Общее

от $2309      
Доступны, также, младшие конфигурации ноутбуков.
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Operating System

With Windows 10Home – Break down boundaries and immerse yourself in the game with graphics more realistic than ever before thanks to the multi-thread scaling capabilities of the new Alienware 17.


Meticulously designed to deliver a knockout performance

The Alienware 17 features up to 8th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-Series processors for the ultimate evolution in high-performance gaming technology. This machine is mechanically engineered with improved Alienware Cryo-Tech V2.0 thermal technology, plus a thin, hinge-forward design to extract the maximum performance from top-of-the-line components. With the cooling system upgraded, and state-of-the-art ventilation, your system can stay cool even under extreme graphics pressure.

Built with premium materials, this machine utilizes magnesium alloy for rigidity, copper for better performance, anodized aluminum for extra protection and steel for tactile comfort. With support for up to NVIDIA® GTX 1080, with all NVIDIA® GPUs overclocked, you can experience gaming on a whole new level.

New Alienware Command Center

Calibrate your controls

Calibrate your controls

Now you have control over your hardware and software environments. Not only can you tailor the hardware for each and every game you play, you can personalize the space and setup to make your software look and feel precisely the way you want it, without interfering with your gameplay or other activities.

Ace library science

Ace library science

The easy-to-use interface links all your various system settings with a gaming library, making it simple to access gaming information. No matter what the source, the command center gives you easy access to your games and the ability to fine-tune settings for each one. Create a unique game profile and it stays just how you want it, no matter where you launch.

AlienFX Lighting

AlienFX Lighting

Save new themes, assign them to your games and edit peripheral settings with new AlienFX hardware and software, featuring support for full RGB values and up to 16.8 million colors. Included is a new user interface to create and map new system-level effects so you can manage lighting and settings from the same controls. Select systems and hardware also offer settings for group keyboard key colors.

A keyboard like no other

A keyboard like no other

With an upgraded Alienware TactX keyboard, n-key rollover is now supported, enabling over 108-key commands for maximum actions per minute. It’s the only keyboard on a laptop with 2.2mm of key travel allowing for rapid response for any keystroke. A steel back plate offers rigidity and uniform feedback guaranteed to stay functional for up to 10 million keystrokes.

Create a more personalized look for your machine with new and improved AlienFX. Designed with optimized RGB-LED enabled AlienFX lighting and now supported on over 145 games with the option to create and download unique themes.

Designed for VR

Designed for VR

Dive into mind-bending virtual reality experiences with a VR-ready system that passes the Oculus Ready and Vive Optimized certifications.

You’ll experience the latest AAA game titles and VR content the way they were meant to be seen. Achieve a new level of presence powered by NVIDIA® VRWorks technology. Realistic visuals, sound, touch interactions and simulated environments are your new virtual reality. And with NVIDIA® GeForce® 10-series graphics and the latest, greatest CPUs, the Alienware 17 goes beyond what’s expected.

Nothing between you and gaming

Nothing between you and gaming

NVIDIA® G-Sync technology, available on select modules, delivers the smoothest, fastest experience ever thanks to synchronized display refresh rates to the GPU in your GeForce® GTX-powered PC, eliminating screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag.

Witness the difference an expansive 17-inch LCD screen can make with supported FHD, QHD 120Hz and UHD resolution options – all with an anti-glare finish.

The QHD 120Hz display is designed to deliver the smoothest gaming experience with a 4- milisecond response time, wide viewing angles and 400 nits of brightness. The UHD panel offers a 100% color gamut for an incredible, saturated range of reds, greens and blues (compared to the 72% offered by QHD and FHD).

A revolutionary new way to use your PC

A revolutionary new way to use your PC

Optional Tobii eye tracking adds a new form of immersion by tracking your awareness and reflexes with high-end gaming analytics so your Alienware 17 senses your presence and sees what you’re seeing.

Tools gamers need

Tools gamers need

The Alienware 17 has been upgraded to give gamers the tools they need to be the best.

Killer™ Wireless: Killer DoubleShot™ Pro provides a wired and wireless networking setup that prioritizes internet traffic and data streaming to applications most important to you. Optional Killer 1550 allows up to 1.73 Gbps max throughput for even more high-speed gaming.

Alienware Graphics Amplifier support: Enable future-proofing of upgradeable full length, dual-wide graphics and additional 4-port USB 3.0 hub for added peripherals. We’ve added a PCIe x4 Gen 3 connection with dedicated throughput for connectivity that’s superior even to a Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt Type-C port: This multi-use port is ready to be used as a USB 3.1 port, offering 10Gbps of data transfer, a Thunderbolt connection capable of 40Gbps, or even a DisplayPort enabling various monitors supporting the DP protocol.

Longer battery life: The Alienware 17 contains a 68Whr battery with an optional 99 Whr* lithium-ion battery. We offer the maximum amount of battery power legally allowed with the 99Whr battery – storing and delivering more power than any other laptop for longer uninterrupted gameplay. The new Alienware 17 can support up to 10 hours of battery life, as tested with the 99 Whr battery and an FHD LCD configuration.*

Solid-state drive: Load your games faster, get shock and vibration protection, better speed and capacity, and much more. Solid-state drives make virtually no noise and have fewer failures because they have no moving parts. A quieter system means you can better pinpoint every footstep your enemy makes.

Hear every battle cry: Due to the upgraded design, a larger and more effective speaker box has been installed, improving audio output for a clearer and more dramatic gaming experience.

Clear the desktop and the board: Avoid excess cables and embrace the “desktop mode” design, where most of your critical connections and ports are in the back and out of the way.

Ports & Slots

Ports & Slots

1. Type-A SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Port| 2. Killer Networks e2500 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 Port | 3. Mini-Display Port 1.2 (certified) Output | 4. HDMI 2.0 Output | 5. Thunderbolt™ 3 Port | 6. Alienware Graphics Amplifier Port | 7. Power/DC-in Jack | 8. Noble Lock port (cable and lock sold separately) | 9. Type-C SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Port| 10. Type-A SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Port with PowerShare technology | 11. Headphone 1/8" Port (retaskable for Microphone/Line-In analog audio input) | 12. Audio Out 1/8" Ports (Compatible with inline mic headset)

Dimensions & Weights

Dimensions & Weights

Height: 1.18" (29.9mm) | Width: 16.7" (424mm) | Depth: 13.1" (332mm) | Average Weight: 9.74lbs (4.42 kg)*


Увеличьте производительность вашего ноутбука Alienware 17 с помощью рекомендуемых аксессуаров Dell. Оформляя заказ, обратите внимание на эти и многие другие великолепные продукты.




Трансформируйте ноутбуки Alienware 13, 15 и 17 R2 и R3, а также настольный компьютер X51 R3 с помощью графического ускорителя Alienware Graphics Amplifier и наслаждайтесь потрясающими возможностями расширенной игровой производительности.



Сумка для переноски Alienware Vindicator с тонкий профилем для вашего ноутбука обеспечивает надежную защиту и удобство переноски. Тонкая сумка со стильным дизайном для надежной защиты. Путешествуйте налегке со своей системой на работу, домой и в любое другое место.



Рюкзак Alienware Vindicator отличается впечатляющим дизайном и невероятно прочным внешним материалом. Трех основных отсеков в нем вполне достаточно, чтобы защитить ваши вещи.



Оцените уникальную мощность, точность и удобство беспроводного контроллера игровой консоли Xbox ONE Импульсные триггеры обеспечивают тактильную отдачу во время игры, поэтому вы сможете очень четко ощущать каждый толчок и столкновение. Чувствительный аналоговый стик и усовершенствованная клавиша-переключатель направления обеспечивают более высокую точность.